Digital Enterprise Badges

Young Apprentice Candidate

200 Points

Once you have logged into the the Cookley Young Apprentice website for the first  time, you are officially a candidate in the process.


1 Required Steps

  • Earn Log in to Website 1 time.


400 Points

Achieve this digital enterprise badge by getting involved in creating a logo and a name for the Young Cookley healthy eating cook book.

Market Research

500 Points

This is your chance to find out what your potential customers want. You will need to see what other young cook books are available, find out if local children and young people think the cook book is a good idea and ask which format your potential customers want the cook book produced in (i.e. digital, video based or hard copy) It's also a chance  to test out your branding and name ideas.

Product Development

500 Points

Using the information you gathered from your market research, it's now time to develop your product. You will take part in an ingredient tasting session to enable you to develop your recipes and also look at the different ways you can make your cookbook, including how to make a multi media iBook, using augmented reality in your cookbook and how YouTubers build their enterprises online.

Merchandise Badge

600 Points

This is a chance to explore how you can add a logo to other items, such as bags and t-shirts, to raise awareness of the main product and increase profits.

The Mary Berry Cooking Award

500 Points

This is a chance for the young chefs in the team to put their cooking skills into practice and cook a range of recipes which will potentially be included in the young cook book.

Product Testing

300 Points

So you've made your recipes and you think they taste yummy, but now it's the turn of parents, friends and family to test your recipes and give their approval.

Fundraising & Accounting

700 Points

Learn about the different ways you can raise money to start a new enterprise including looking for investors and setting up a Crowd Funding campaign. You'll also learn about how to keep track of business finances and make sure you make a profit and not a loss.

The CYC Dragons Den

700 Points

This is an opportunity for the CYC young apprentice team to pitch and present their ideas to a panel of local Cookley investors.

Product Creation

800 Points

You've secured investment and now you have got to make your final product and get it ready to take to market.

Marketing & Promotion

800 Points

To achieve this digital badge you will explore how you can promote the newly created cook book, including making a website and promotional video.


600 Points

You've developed the cook book, secured local investment for the cook book and made the cook book. Now its the important bit, you've got to SELL, SELL, SELL the cook book in as many different places as possible. All profits raised will be donated to a local charity which will be chosen by the young enterprise group and also fund a little treat for the CYC young apprentice team.

Young Apprentice Of the Week

500 Points

This digital enterprise badge is awarded weekly to the young entrepreneur who has shown the most creativity, commitment or enterprising skills.

You’re Hired

1000 Points

Congratulations, you have completed the CYC Young Apprentice process and are officially hired as Lord Sugars young CYC business partner.

Young Project Manager

900 Points

Each week the young enterprise team will appoint a new project manager. The PM role is to lead the team and assign roles and tasks based on the skills and strengths of the young apprentices.

The Lord Sugar Enterprise Quiz

800 Points

Now that you've completed the CYC Young Apprentice process, we want to test your business and enterprise knowledge in our Lord Sugar Enterprise Quiz - COMING SOON

As young people progress through the CYC Young Apprentice project, they will achieve digital enterprise badges. Young people can log in and track the badges they have achieved.

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